Suzanne Westenhoefer

“More Things You Shouldn't Know”

  • Friday, AUGUST 2, 2013 • 7pm
  • Saturday, AUGUST 3, 2013 • 7pm
  • Sunday, AUGUST 4, 2013 • 5pm
“America's funniest lesbian” —  Curve

Suzanne Westenhoefer’s ground-breaking career as the first openly gay comedian ever to appear on television, includes appearances on Letterman, HBO, Bravo, Logo and GSN as well as performances across the US in popular theaters, clubs, and fundraisers.

Suzanne Westenhoefer. In the past year, she’s ended up on the cutting room floor of a movie in post-production, gotten a divorce, re-entered the insanity of the dating world – all of which have created more laughter-inducing opportunities than she ever thought possible.

She’s bad…and she knows it. She’s also rip-roaring hilarity wrapped up with a silver bow and a gift tag that says, “Just Try Me.” All we have to say about that is…”Where do we sign up?”

Suzanne’s new material is based on her ever-changing view of life after…well, everything. She’s a brand-new woman around town with striking insights based on a jilted year that has finally – thankfully -– ended. Stick with her and she’ll take you for a ride on the wild side with plenty of Pinot to keep it interesting. All aboard!